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Marbling Mornings

A couple of days into the holidays, and my two girls (aged 8, and 5), dug out the marbling inks from the art cart. It was to be a marbling morning! I emptied out two plastic Ikea drawers as trays (I'm sure I'll sort that junk out at some point), filled them with water and grabbed a stack of paper. We set up outside as it can get a little messy, and space is needed to lay out the sheets of paper to dry. It's so simple. Put a few drops of ink, into the water, swirl around with a stick, carefully lay a sheet of paper onto the surface of the water. Then just lift up the sheet of paper, to reveal the beautiful pattern! My girls have done this activity several times in the last week. Every attempt is different, and it allows the children to control the colours they choose, and have fun experimenting! The dry sheets can be drawn over, made into a book, make origami, used to collage or print onto. Have a go, it's a lot of fun and may even give you a chance to drink a cuppa while the kids marble!I bought the marbling inks on Amazon, both 'Bright' and 'Neon' sets. 

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