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Matisse Inspired Sculpture

Today I am testing out the sculpture technique we will be using in the Autumn term classes. 

Cutting Henri Matisse inspired 'gerbe' shapes, free hand, known as 'drawing with scissors'. Matisse developed this style in his later years, when he could no longer paint or draw, due to ill health. In this activity, shapes are then applied to a balloon using a water based sealant called 'Mod Podge', and a brush. There isn't a right or wrong way to arrange the shapes, as long as they overlap in places. In class we will use oil pastels to do mark making on some of the card in Matisse's style. Each finished piece will be entirely unique! This is a great way to demonstrate 2D work being transformed into a 3D piece, and create form and shape. The final result is a sculpture the children will be proud of! 

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